At Buzz Play Park® we provide an opportunity for your child to have a taste of rock climbing in a fun and well-protected environment, thus gaining a few extra benefits as well. It:

Increases Strength, Endurance and Flexibility. Climbing is probably one of the best total body workouts available. It strengthens your child’s arms, legs and core as well as helps them develop strong lean muscles.

Teaches Hand, Feet and Eye Coordination. In order to successfully complete their climb, Children have to look, plan and coordinate their hands and feet to get to their chosen spot. The coordination skills a child develops through this process can be transferred to many other aspects of life, including other sports.

Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem. Standing at the bottom of a climbing Frame for the first time can a bit scary for a child. However, by slowly making their way up, step by step, they will overcome their fear and boost their self-esteem, even if they don’t make it to the top in the beginning.

Increases Abilities for Problem Solving, Planning and Decision Making. There is more than one way to get to the top and many possible routes to choose from. your child will have to decide their next best move. At first they will probably make their decisions with precaution and reluctance, but eventually they will start to visualize a route all the way to the top with just their first few steps. This is helpful to build a child’s planning and problem solving abilities.

It is a Stress Relief. When facing a climbing wall, the children need to be fully focused, which requires to wash away all outside influences and leave their head clear and ready to concentrate on the task at hand.